We bought our first two llamas in 1994.

The youngest of our seven children was in school, and I (Cathy) was looking for a business to get into.  After doing some research and visiting breeders, llamas seemed a good fit.

The animals were wonderful, and it also allowed me to be at home for our family as well as our farming business.  Those two were obviously not enough, so the herd grew as I attended auctions and the farms of other breeders.

I enjoyed travelling to sales and shows, usually with a few kids in tow.  We met some wonderful people and enjoyed the social aspect that was part of the business.  I learned much – about llamas and about people:-)  We built our herd to between 60-70 over a number of years, bringing animals in from the U.S. as well as Peru and Chile.

As the years went by, life got busier and I got slower, so we started bringing numbers down, keeping  favourites and best producers.  We currently have as many grandchildren as we do llamas – 20 and counting!

We breed some females each year, and do have some babies each season as well that may or may not be for sale.  It’s still hard to decide to part with the really good ones!  Please contact us if you have something specific you might be looking for, or to inquire about what we have for sale.